YouShore is a brand new technology that changes the way companies look at Social Network Profiling. With Big Data being the new centre of attention, marketers have been focusing on breaking down information into quantifiable and behavioural metrics such as age, gender, location, purchases and habits. But what do customers really think?

YouShore’s technology focuses on Social Sentiments, measuring abstract or subjective perceptions from consumers’ online activity. By combining advanced semantic analysis, statistical modeling and artificial intelligence, YouShore can extract opinions from any text stream (social media, news, blogs, forum discussions, user reviews, etc.). Marketers can now get a clear picture of the perception of a brand, product, ad campaign or even a public figure in real time.

From consumer analysis, ad campaign optimisation, competitive benchmarking to general public opinion, YouShore can extract any subjective metric from any industry.


Social Media Brand Analysis
Social Media Brand Tracker
Brand Voice vs Social Voice
Brand Profile vs Consumer Profile


Campaign Monitoring
Social Media Acquisition Tracker
Adaptive Target Marketing
Ad Optimiser


Automated Social Segmentation
Social Media User Profiling



YouShore measures and analyses any abstract dimension from implicit data. For example, whether a brand is "trustworthy", or a person has "trendy" or "traditional" tastes

YouShore goes beyond demographics by measuring any subtle dimension

Artificially Intelligent

YouShore's Artificial Intelligence allows to automatically track emerging themes and trends, e.g. "belieber", "selfies". It also automatically understands "why" behind the scene by identifying the key drivers relevant to any trend or metric

The Artificial Intelligence continuously trains and improve YouShore's engine over time


YouShore's technology has been trusted by leading supermarket chains, retailers, fast service restaurants, and financial institutions worldwide

Results have been verified by top advertising, marketing and market research agencies


We are a small but focused team of data enthusiasts with backgrounds in Natural Language Processing (NLP), Statistical Modeling and Advanced Data Analytics. We work with brands, advertising, marketing and market research agencies to make sense of and extract value from their data. YouShore’s technology helps them understand who their audience is, how their brand engages with consumers and what is the value behind each social interaction.

Our engines are trained to measure the metrics that matter to you

Our set of APIs easily and seamlessly integrate to your existing solutions

We work with you to make sure we deliver insightful information

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